Thu, Jun 27


Future Joy, Saustro
Show: 7:00 pm
All Ages

Sexbruise? is a satirical pop band from Charleston, SC that combines elements of improvisation, electronic music, poppy hooks, and audience participation to create an unforgettable live experience. Combining elements of funk, rock, funky rock, and rock-funk, they write funky melodies and soulful melodies.

Sexbruise? has been featured at Sweetwater 420 Fest, Hulaween, Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival, Floyd Fest, and Resonance Fest, and will be announcing other sehk festies soon. They have also toured extensively on the highly sought-after Wild Wings Circuit, playing places such as Wild Wings Myrtle Beach, Wild Wings Macon Georgia, Wild Wings Spartanburg, and many many more.

Sexbruise?’s shows can be described as a giant party. The tunes are memorable, the stage presence exciting, and the antics unpredictable. And there are snacks. Thrown from the stage. The band has prepared pancakes and pizza on stage, brought out dancers in animal costumes, hired fake demonstrators to protest their shows, and many more other cool things.

Future Joy
Future Joy is a Future-Funk hybrid duo hailing from wherever their mobile RV stage is parked. 

Planting their home base roots in both Denver, CO and St. Petersburg, FL has allowed Emily Cooper & Zach Simms to travel the country playing shows and connecting all the cities in between and beyond. Blending elements of funk, house, bass, pop, drum and bass, hip-hop, techno, jazz, dubstep and more; Future Joy takes the listener on a joyous adventure with no musical boundaries. Both artists DJ, sing, and play keyboard while Zach shreds tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones in the key of fun. 

They’ve performed at festivals such as Hulaween, Resonate, Brainquility, Elements, Secret Dreams, Rekinection, Love Burn, and more.

They’ve also been direct support for The Polish Ambassador, Manic Focus, Marvel Years, Jason Hann’s League of Sound Disciples, The Magic Beans, Jason Leech, and Megan Hamilton.

Everybody needs fun in their life and if you attend one of their shows your future will be filled with joy. You can’t have FUNk without the fun and Future Joy is a funky good time.